Price Per Hour 


Per hour at Hempstead Road Studios in Watford. 

Great for large scale productions.

Specialising in band recording/production.


Per hour at RDS Music in Wembley.

Great for small & medium sized productions. 

Specialising in vocal recording/production.

If you require my recording services at a location that I'm am not affiliated with, the logistics and finances will need reviewing before proceeding. Contact me via my social media platforms or email below.

Recording, and post production bundles/packages are available upon request and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Get in touch for more details.


Price Per Song:


- Beat with vocal stems - 

  (With 2 FREE revisions)


Price Per Song:


- For Complete Stem Mixing -

  (With 2 FREE revisions)



What are revisions? - The ability to review the work I have done and request alterations.

Beat mixing is offered, please contact me for more information!

Mix Preparation (Please read)

Exporting/Bouncing Stems

For the best quality, I'd request all stems are recorded & submitted unedited with a sample rate of either 48KHz or 44.1KHz in 24-bit format.


Price Per Song: 


(With 2 FREE reviews)

As this is an additional job, the mastering fee is in addition to the mixing process. 


Master Preparation (Please Read) 



Ensure your master output (in your mixing session) stays within the -6db to -3db region so there is enough room for the mastering processes to be successfully applied.


Do not apply "dithering" or down sample to 16 bit / 44.1 (CD standard) yourself unless that is the resolution at which you recorded in the first instance.

To ensure the results are of the highest quality before reaching post production services, aim for beginning your songs with 44.1KHz/48KHz and 24 bit formats.

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